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On The Beaches EP

On The Beaches EP
Nr kat.: CHANNEL058
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Is It Real What U Feel.mp3
  • a2 Kaanile.mp3
  • b1 Rolling Dreams.mp3
  • b2 A Night In... Shirley.mp3


Acid house pioneer Jaime Read is one of the few UK artists who has had the dubious honour of being ripped off by Chicago house royalty. Never one to let this early setback hold him back, Jaime has gone on to an illustrious career, producing great music since the early nineties, and more recently in collaboration with legendary UK deejay Felix Dickinson under the name L.H.A.S. inc (Larry Heard Appreciation Society). This 4 track solo EP sees him mastering a variety of styles. The opener is a dreamy emotional R&B number called 'Is it Real What U Feel?' which features a gorgeous vocal turn from Jaime himself. 'Kaanlile' floats a sumptuous melodica line over some mellow electro influenced acid. Deep cut 'Rolling Dreams' has slinky piano, soaring house strings, more vocals and strong ecstasy vibes. Finally, 'A Night In Shirley' closes out the ep in a beautiful boogie influenced, relentless but mellow groove. Golf Channel every time!



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