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Soul Messages From Dimona (gatefold)

Soul Messages From Dimona (gatefold)
Nr kat.: NUMERO021LP
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 Soul Messengers - Burn Devil Burn (feat The Spirit Of Israel).mp3
  • 02 Soul Messengers - Our Lord & Savior.mp3
  • 03 Tonistics - Holding On.mp3
  • 04 The Spirit Of Israel - Daniel.mp3
  • 05 Sons Of The Kingdom - Hey There.mp3
  • 06 Soul Messengers - Go To Proclaim.mp3
  • 07 Soul Messengers - Equilibrium.mp3
  • 08 Soul Messengers - Prince Of Zeal.mp3
  • 09 Sons Of The Kingdom - Modernization.mp3
  • 10 Soul Messengers - Heaven Of Heavens.mp3
  • 11 Soul Messengers - Victory.mp3
  • 12 Tinistics - Dimona (Spiritual Capital Of The World).mp3
  • 13 Soul Messengers - Junky Baby.mp3
  • 14 The Spirit Of Israel - A Place To Be.mp3
  • 15 Soul Messengers - Messiah.mp3
  • 16 Soul Messengers - Savior In The East.mp3


Following a path blazed in Belize and the Bahamas, The Numero Group finds yet another stop on the soul diaspora tour: Dimona, Israel. Between 1975-1981, a group of American ex-pats took their native sounds of Detroit and Chicago and intermingled them with the messages of the Black Hebrew culture. The results are a heavenly mix of spiritual soul and jazz with an undercurrent of gospel psychedelia. Featuring the Soul Messengers, the Spirit Of Israel, Sons Of The Kingdom, and the Tonistics, Soul Messages From Dimona is the only living document of a thriving community at both the center and fringe of the world.

Deluxe CD and 2LP set comes stuffed with rare photographs, sleeves, and expansive liner notes ...





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