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BRRWD Love Volume One

BRRWD Love Volume One
Label: BRRWD
Nr kat.: BRRWD004
Format: 10"+MP3
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  • 01 Ta-ku - No One Else's.mp3
  • 02 Ta-ku - You&I.mp3
  • 03 Pink Sifu & Malik Abdul-Rahmaan - Pink.Blue.mp3
  • 04 Yagi - Division.mp3
  • 05 Abhi / Dijon & Submerse - Yung.mp3
  • 06 Fitz Ambro$e - $~tnsion.mp3
  • 07 Submerse & Lee - Primm.mp3
  • 08 Dil Withers - Dolce.mp3


BRRWD is a label collab between Ta-ku/ repeat pattern & Jakarta Records.

Ta-ku, exceptional Musician & Australian, starts 2016 with a newly founded indie label imprint by himself & companion repeat pattern in collaboration with German Jakarta Records. BRRWD is a Creative Label between photographers/beatmakers and friends. Both artists already created a photo collection book in 2015, now extending their cross border teamwork. Their first project NO.SLEEP followed the pair through the streets of Tokyo in a mission to capture the city in a 24 hour life cycle. After Ta-ku's release of of a “Dowhatyoulove” 2013, this will be his 2nd release with Jakarta Records. This compilation is the beginning of a 10" series that is as much a photographic series as a music focused one. A carefully curated selection of images and dirty loops, this first release in the series is a compilation containing work by close friends and admired fellow creatives. Featuring Ta-ku prominently on 2 new tracks, both also containing vocals by Ta-ku himself. So with a love for the tangible, the compilation will be available on limited 10" Vinyl The first single “No one else's” is produced by repeat pattern & will premiere via Hypetrack including a video (Hypebeast). Brrwd love volume one also includes new artists like Pink Sifu, Malik Abdoul-Rahmaan, Yagi, Abhi/Dijon & established ones like submerse & Dil Whithers.

1. Ta-ku - No One Else's
2. Ta-ku - You&I
3. Pink Sifu & Malik Abdul-Rahmaan - Pink.Blue
4. Yagi - Division
5. Abhi / Dijon & Submerse - Yung
6. Fitz Ambro$e - $~tnsion
7. Submerse & Lee - Primm
8. Dil Withers - Dolce





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