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  • a1 Weekend (vocal).mp3
  • a2 Weekend (dub).mp3
  • b1 Weekend (Larry Levan mix - vocal).mp3
  • b2 Weekend (An M&M mix - accapella).mp3


"Tonight is partytime, it's partytime tonight!"

Donna Summer “Thanked God” for Friday. The Beegees sang about Saturday night. Sure. Yet in New York City, this post-disco song is the undisputed dance anthem when it comes to weekend celebrations. Originally written by James Calloway and Leroy Burgess for Patrick Adams' Phreek only to re-surface five years later as Class Action, the updated version became a classic on the radio and in every club in the Big Apple and beyond. Produced by Bob & Lola Blank this Sleeping Bag Records classic has had more lives than a cat. Heavily sampled in house music and hip hop, there is no doubt there’s always a party to be had. When it comes to the production side of things, ‘Weekend’ had some heavy weight producers beind the mixing board. Mixed by John Morales & Sergio Munzibai (aka M&M) and remixed by Larry Levan at the pinacle of his career, it’s easy to see how this became and instant classic. The M & M mix retains more of the spirit and structure of Disco focusing on the Rhythms and allowing the mix to bring out the incredible vocals of Christine Wiltshire for what became an anthem of female empowerment on the dancefloor. On the B-Side, Larry gives what became the trademark sound of the Paradise Garage with Deep Dubbed out remixes consisting of tape loops, vocal Echoes and delays and a big emphasis on the EQ of the Drums.

To complete the total package, The 12-inch comes with a Dub version and an acapella for all the DJs.



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