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  • Marcin Cichy i crew.

Label: PlugAudio
Nr kat.: PL08
Format: CD
Kraj: PL
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  • 01 Changes.mp3
  • 02 Light Show.mp3
  • 03 Lose My Mind.mp3
  • 04 It`s Getting Windy.mp3
  • 05 The Score.mp3
  • 06 Glassy.mp3
  • 07 Lie To Me.mp3
  • 08 Ocean.mp3
  • 09 Shut My Eyes.mp3
  • 10 Something Better.mp3
  • 11 Let It Flow.mp3
  • 12 Heal.mp3


Meeting by Chance is a solo project of Marcin Cichy co-creator of the legendary Polish duo Skalpel (Ninja Tune), one of the most important talents from Poland to come into the international limelight.

“Changes” is second LP from Marcin released unexpectedly after critically acclaimed debiut “Inside Out”. Musically you will find an eclectic blend of jazz, leftfield, triphop and ambient here. Marcin, always a very careful observer, took inspiration for Meeting By Chance from a sequence photography by Duane Michals entitled “Chance Meeting” comprising of six photos of two passing strangers. The sequence has no definite end but rather a pregnant pause, and this combined with freezeframe creates a space. This gave Marcin the idea for music that fills this space with a magical and dreamy soundscape filled with creative, sublime sensitivity, giving both the composer and listeners a brief portal away from hectic reality.

Meeting by Chance also takes its influence from a chance meeting with four vocalists who are featured throughout the entire album. Noah (Flau – Japan) subtle voice noticed by Guardian as the “best new bands of 2015” head to head with Little Simz, White, Mura Masa and more. Gustav Ahr young trip-hop talent from New York. And finally Magda Nazgarøth and Karol Wróblewski (Small Mechanics) – his voice is often compared with Jamie Woon. Both from Poland.


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