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Just Don't Speak

Just Don't Speak
Label: 430 West
Nr kat.: 4W635
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Just Don`t Speak (Blue Sunset vocal).mp3
  • a2 Just Don`t Speak (Blue Sunset instrumental).mp3
  • b1 Just Don`t Speak (Midnight Sun dub).mp3
  • b2 Just Don`t Speak (Blue Sunset edit).mp3


Still riding high off the success of their last album but never ones to sit still, titanic techno duo Octave One are back with a hot new single. Featuring their long time collaborator Ann Saunderson on vocals and coming with three different mixes, ‘Just Don’t Speak’ it is sure to be a summer anthem. Also featured on ‘Just Don’t Speak’ are the Urban Soul Orchestra (USO) who also collaborated on‘Blackwater’, adding a unique twist to the track with their contemporary string ensemble. ‘Just Don’t Speak’ is a barrelling house cut with subtle but joyous piano chords rolling above fat bass. Ann’s vocals are typically elastic and emotive and love fuelled. They soar as the pressure below builds and are sure to leave crowds in raptures. An instrumental version places even more focus on the uplifting and driving groove, and a dub version strips things back to the infectious percussion and bold drum lines, making for a more macho and physical cut. A radio edit is also included in the package and ensures that all bases are covered in great style by the ever essential Burden brothers.



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