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Label: T.K. Disco
Nr kat.: TKD13063
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Get On Down (Medlar mix part 1).mp3
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“Get on down” is a heavyweight slice of storming Jamaican Disco-Reggae heat from the legendary studios of Miami’s TK Disco empire. King Sporty’s version may not have been as well known as Connie Case’s electro laden later 1982 version (also produced by Sporty) but the perfect marriage of Disco stylings and Sporty’s Jamaican roots meant the original 1979 version was a cult classic in underground deep Disco circles. Over 35 years since “Get on down” was released the keepers of the TK Disco vaults have given permission for some of their classics and lesser known gems to be respectfully tweaked by contemporary producers and DJ’s who fully understand the lineage of the label and the music contained within. Stepping up and get his hands dirty is none other than London dwelling, WOLF music man - Medlar. A regular face behind the turntables all over the world Medlar has lovingly freaked King Sporty’s anthem for the modern dance-floor, extending the right parts in just the oh so right way, dubbing out parts that needed just a smidgen of echo here and there and generally making the track irresistible to DJ’s with it’s lovely long beat led intro. These are extremely tasteful edits, done with respect and reverence over 2 parts - old school style. Look out for those low flying dubbed out vox and lazer beams too, powerful stuff! This is only one of many underground Disco classics that the mighty Miami based TK Disco label brought to the world, reimagined for 2016’s dance-floor, officially sanctioned in conjunction with Henry Stone Music / TK Disco. File under - Classic / Essential!



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