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NB Battle Track

NB Battle Track
Label: Saber
Nr kat.: S3004
Format: 12"
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  • a1 NB Battle Track.mp3
  • a2 Digital Clubhouse.mp3
  • b1 America`s Most Wanted.mp3
  • b2 To The Motherland.mp3


Oh yeah, it's ya boy Steve Poindexter on the ones and twos, and he's back on our shelves courtesy of a little repress from the strong-minded Saber imprint. This time, the man's in Kareem Smith mode, and he swings through with the merciless "NB Battle Track", a heavy parade of kicks, cowbells, and slices of monophonic synth, followed hastily by the much smoother, dreamier - and downright sick - "Digital Clubhouse". Flip to the B side and you'll find the wondrous synths and sways of "America's Most Wanted", next to the deep and luscious jungle of a tune that is "To The Motherland". Fantastic 12", a house classic, and one that should live permanently in your bags.



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