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Nr kat.: FM003/PM010.2
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Mindemania (Nikkname remix).mp3
  • b1 Mindemania (Lovegasm version).mp3
  • b2 Mindemania (original mix).mp3


Munich pair Jorkes continue to build a nice head of steam with a third new single. Entitled ‘Mindemania’, it comes once more on the small but well formed Freeride Millenium label with a great remix from Nikkname. Little is known about Jorkes other than they have a magpie approach to sound: anything goes with them, taking cues from a wide musical sphere but always distilling them into their own unique offerings. Their last release was a sumptuous slo-mo affair that got played and dance to far and wide and this new cut is just as likely to standout from the crowd. Say the pair of the release, “this is a journey through the night. Through everything that keeps us moving.” The scintillating single is the sort of thing to slowly sweep you off your feet with its skyward synths extending out from broody drums. Dreamy yet propulsive, it takes you amongst the clouds before falling apart with gentle percussive hits and tumbling keys. Freeform and loose, it is fresh sounding indeed. The Lovegasm Version “adds the erotica to your night you were praying for” according to those behind it, and they are not wrong. It is a more beat driven affair with drifting vocal sounds bringing a certain steaminess to the groove. Finally you are invited to surrender yourself to ambient magician Nikkname and his interpretation of how deep a journey can go. Over eight minutes he embeds you at the centre of spiralling pads, with harmonic bell sounds and dark cosmic energies stretching out in all directions. It’s a thoroughly absorbing affair, to be sure. Thanks for purchasing a real copy!



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