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Baby (white vinyl)

Baby (white vinyl)
Nr kat.: FM008/PM010.7
Format: 7"
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  • a1 L`amour.mp3
  • b1 I Wanna Go To Heaven.mp3


The next collaborative release between Freeride Millenium and Pauls Musique is a terrific two-tracker from Manchester artist Joseph Louis Harland Manning under his new alias Los Angeles with the 7 vinyl release artwork designed by Daniel Rajcsanyi as part of his 'BABY' exhibition in Austria. Joseph Louis Harland Manning was the drummer of the band Wu Lyf and is involved in projects like Los Porcos, the Mancunian boyband Menage a Trois and Dream Lovers. Under his other aliases he released on Aficionado, Cracki, Ocean Records and Is It Balearic sub label Uber as well as having made music videos for Molly Nilsson. Here he is fine form across a pair of delicate and moving synth tracks. Opener 'L'amour' is a gentle cut that starts with celestial chords and wide-open expanses of synth before a buried deep groove slowly comes to the fore. Breathy vocals also add to the loved-up, dreamy feel and the whole thing carries you away in a majestic reverie that shifts from ambience to new age house. The track features the artists own field recordings from the streets of Berlin, twisting up sounds from the sidewalk into percussive notes that give an organic feel. The perfectly soothing second offering is 'I Wanna Go To Heaven' is a gorgeous synth piece that suspends you in a crystal clear blue sky on a warm summer's day. Chords are smeared and stretched whilst angelic, wordless vocals drift by. It is the sound of a blissful passage to the afterlife and will leave you feeling cleansed. This is a truly emotive package of music that marks another first rate release on this ever evolving label.



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