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Recurring Melancholy EP

Recurring Melancholy EP
Nr kat.: CNTXTS1006
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Recurring Melody (feat Hoffmann Ensemble).mp3
  • a2 Hurt (feat Robert Owens).mp3
  • b1 A Delicate Life (feat Mo).mp3


Jay Haze is back with a new single from his forthcoming album entitled “Rain Drops and Birds” out in late Feb. 2017 we added a bonus song entitled “a delicate life” , available only right here. A1. “Recurring Melody” feat. Hoffmann Ensemble Along with a rolling beat ‘Recurring Melody’ defines distances. Synths appear close next to you and then subtly disappear back into space. The violins of the Hoffmann Ensemble lose their distance with a direct tone, recorded right from the fabric of the instrument. Everything feels right, but also in flux. A2. “Hurt” feat. Robert Owens Absorbing the moment is the best way to finding peace with the moment. A peak into a sorrowful yet hopeful mind, carefully approaching you with a backdrop of Dub. Heavy synths just glide away, as if they stand for issues being resolved. Layers of vocals sung by Robert Owens lead the path until the conflict is no longer. B1. “A Delicate Life” feat. Mo Here’s one to take a nice deep breath to. From Mo’s unique improvisations of his self invented “Mulutar” emerges a cluster of harmonic and melodic beauty. The sounds evolve as focus drifts into each element of the track, held together by a steady beat and bass line, this is sure to keep your feet glued to the floor while the rest of you is free to do as you will.



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