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  • a1 Erman & Abtomat - How Deep You Can Go.mp3
  • a2 Kid Mark - Fantasy `95.mp3
  • b1 An Expresso - Won`t Get To Heaven.mp3
  • b2 Shin - Phara.mp3
  • b3 Rosenhaft - Voyager (bonus track).mp3


A FISTFUL OF WAX is an extension for some very special projects of our beloved deep house SKYLAX RECORDS' sub - label WAX CLASSIC. A Fistful of Wax is back with its fourth volume! This offshoot originally began as an avenue for showing off some of the overflowing great talent we have floating about the Wax Classic sub-label, but with the growing reception of our previous three releases, it has developed itself into its own uniquely successful imprint. In a time when a lot of the hot records of the moment are made by highly distinguished producers with years of success under their belts, it is easy to forget how much good house music can come out of the underground by relatively fresh names. With AFX4, we are only scratching the surface once again, yet we have 5 special tracks from a group of producers who, if not already, will stay on your radar for the foreseeable future.The A side features tracks from Erman & Abtomat (of Série Limitée Records fame) and Kid Mark (Head honcho of Killax Recordings). We start off deep with the aptly named 'How Deep Can You Go', easily the most soothing of the bunch. 'Fantasy '95' takes it up a notch for those who wish to, with classic 90s chords and accompanying bass and horns. Over on the flip side, we hear 'Won't Get To Heaven' by Californian newcomer, An Expresso. Being a self confessed New Jersey style house addict, this hits in all the right places for those familiar with the sounds of NJ legend George Lockett Jr, aka Jerzzey Boy. Shin continues things with 'Phara', a percussive stormer with one of the hardest hitting leads you will hear for a good while. This one is a sure fire hit! Last, but by no means least is Rosenhaft's 'Voyager'. Fans of early UK Garage, perk up your ears because this could have easily been a tune you would have heard on your favourite pirate radio station back in '97.If you are still on the fence about the record at this point, you are in the wrong place. This record has it all for lovers of the 90s house sound! Whether you are of the deeper persuasion or the more garagey persuasion, the US or the UK side of things, there is something here for almost everyone on A Fistful of Wax 4.



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