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A Touch Of Jazz

A Touch Of Jazz
Nr kat.: DM0452016
Format: 12"
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  • a1 A Touch Of Jazz (Lifestyles Of The Rich mix).mp3
  • a2 A Touch Of Jazz (Do It Tonight mix).mp3
  • b1 A Touch Of Jazz (Jazzy Lady mix).mp3
  • b2 A Touch Of Jazz (Future Groove mix 2).mp3


Chicago - 1992. Ray Barney’s Dance Mania imprint has already been making it’s presence felt on the streets since way back in 1985 with a slew of releases from luminaries such as Lil Louis, DJ Pierre, Vincent Floyd, Armando and many more. Step in Parris Mitchell, under his Rhythm II Rhythm alias with a 12″ of pure deepness for the label, oddly this the only one Parris released using this particular name. “A touch of jazz” is a languid, soulful roller that stands out amongst the more tougher edged, frenetic releases on Dance Mania. This is some late night, smoothed out business across 4 alternate mixes. It’s all uptempo snapping drums, shifting jazzy keys and that ridiculously catchy bassline, pure deep house basically. This is the first time “A touch of jazz” has ever been reissued in full, just as it was originally released in 1992, complete with original Dance Mania label artwork. 100% legit, reissued in conjunction with Dance Mania records, Chicago IL and Parris Mitchell. “Do it tonight!” 102676;"Poverty is violence return once more deliberately shaking up the place and blurring the house / techno divide, label owners Tapirus aka Rotterdams underground techno hero Charlton and Nick Dunton of legendary techno label Surface and 65D Mavericks fame serve up a split EP… Nick throws an early stone into the water as he makes his comeback with the new and deliberately quirky D-56M side-project fusing techno and oddball Chi-Town weirdness, incorporating concepts from Zamyatin’s We, he turns in two hybrid ghetto bangers. First up Charles takes his cue from early acid house, fusing it with techno sensibilities and turning styles on their heads with end time basses, insane bleeps and left of centre attitude. A1 is a tough rolling acidic banger with cutting beats. The super killer A2 which has been getting hammered around Europe the last year is a highlight - pure manicness and not for the faint hearted. A3 is reminiscent of Larry Heard’s early output - DX7 bass lines, beautiful melodies and lush strings fuse to create a searching acid house vibe. On the flip AA1’s French Cats is full of jazz influence… super rolling basses and Wurlitzer keys helping to carve a fresh house sound that takes Randomer-esque influences and jacks them to hell. AA2 is the super smooth but anarchic Question Authority full of sweet melodies, strings, chords, rolling old skool riffs and a super sub bass fused with dark voices – it’s purist Non-conformity with attitude, swing and message. This EP is already getting caned by the more adventurous DJs on the circuit - Stand for something or fall for anything is the labels tag-line and you can expect more heavy hitters blurring the genre lines soon with a super-secretive project already in production from one of the world’s top players…



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