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Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing
Label: Comeme
Nr kat.: COMEME037
Format: 12"
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Since the beginning of Co´meme, until today we feel a connection to the electronic beats from South Africa. Co´meme tracks like “Pata pata", “Osea… Hello?", “El Sucu Tucu” and many more prove this, and one main inspiration, is DJ Spoko, partner of DJ Mujava, for whom he wrote and produced the legendary “Township Funk". But also in Joburg, and without our knowledge, Co´meme tunes were dropped at some of the coolest parties in town, so Matias Aguayo aka The Don jumped of joy when he was invited to play there, where he met Spoko and started to jam with him in a studio in the center of Joburg! Jamming and smoking till the break of dawn, they put together these tracks, that carry the spirit of this label, the vibe of Joburg nights, the “Bacardi” rhythms from the Atteridgeville township outside Pretoria, comemian latin- tech grooves, the dancesteps on the carpet of Kitchener’s Bar in Braamfontein and the hotness of a Co´meme night in Medelli´n, Cologne or Buenos Aires.



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