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Acid Lakes

Acid Lakes
Nr kat.: LT038
Format: 12"
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  • a2 Can`t Stop Loving You.mp3
  • a3 HMV 94.mp3
  • b1 Now!.mp3
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With the big smoke hitting near 40°C heat and the office stock melting away, Lobster Theremin go in for a scorched-earth techno summer with another drum-roasted, rave-heavy EP this time from hard-hitting Vancouver duo Minimal Violence aka Lida P and Ashlee Luk.Having built a reputation for drum-heavy, blown-out & acidic hardware live sets - and with insanely strong EPs for 1080p, Jungle Gym and First Second Label already in the bag - their entry point to the Lobster label family is a bumper one with five tracks that span doom-laden acid, staggered UK rave and emotive club jungle. This record in particular captures their intense and irrepressible live energy, whilst riffing heavily on more classic club tropes than their previous output.'Untitled Workout' is an undulating 909 journey, floating below the photic zone, riding on soothing pads and dripping with melted 303 morsels culled from the sap of desert cacti. Segueing into 'Can't Stop Loving You', a frenetic blend of drummagheddon programming, acid flanging and 5am yelps. Then rounding out the A side is 'HMV 94', one for the tape collectors and jungle heads and fans of almost-ancient CD outlets. A love letter to small hatchbacks, Parisian towns and late night star-gazing through a green filtered haze The flip turns it on it's head with Lobster-favourite "Now!". Rhythmic hammering, super classic bass work & acid for days. Serious club fodder for serious jacking & hopping. Title track closer 'Acid Lakes' draws on searing synth leads and evolving module plugs, riding us into the mysterious zone beyond the city walls. Horse-back escapades, desert dwelling dangers, spears, treasure and white tigers. Dreamscape techno for an acid generation.



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