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The Solar Experience

The Solar Experience
Nr kat.: SOLAR01
Format: 2x12"
Kraj: PL
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  • 01 The Solar Experience.mp3
  • 02 Anywhere.mp3
  • 03 Your Place.mp3
  • 04 Your Place (A Made Up Sound remix).mp3
  • 05 The Sun Still Shines.mp3
  • 06 Memorabillia.mp3
  • 07 A Match Made In Heaven.mp3


Solar Phenomena is a brand new label on an exciting astral crusade. The take-off pilot for our virgin mission is none other than decorated Polish producer Echoplex. One of the country s first breakthrough international techno artists, his body of work dates back almost 20 years While often taking us 20,000 light years forward. This is no exception. The Solar Experience provides uplift. Like any deep dive into the cosmos, take off is gentle but picks up speed as more interlocking details weave like a blur of stars in your shuttle window. Expect turbulence as Anywhere jettisons the rocket and submits mercy to the acid asteroids with a broken beat jumping at every angular bump. Hyperspeed prevails with the Detroitian-toned technoid stampede Your Place . Momentum sustained by an insistent sense of urgency as more elements hammer into the mix, it s complemented by an unforgettable remix from A Made Up Sound. His only remix of the year, it s a dense and wonderfully fuzzy weave of planet-bouncing rhythmic elements and alien textures that takes you well beyond the point of no return. Elsewhere we glide deeper into the cosmos with shiny, gliding and ultimately hopeful The Sun Just Shines , we re sucked deep into hypnotic black holes on the warping bass and broken drums of Memorabilia before activating landing procedures on Match Made In Heaven . Soft chords acting as a parachute, the glistening arpeggio providing the deep oceanic landing spot, it s the ideal end to an accomplished debut celestial adventure. Who knows where Solar Phenomena will take us next.



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