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Distant Images

Distant Images
Label: Antinote
Nr kat.: ATN038
Format: 12"
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  • a3 Leaving.mp3
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Distant Images is D.K.'s fourth release on Antinote and we can say quite safely that Dang Khoa Chau fueled a few identifiable obsessions over the years - for those familiar with his work, it probably won't feel like uncharted territory when they'll hear a somehow well-known guitar in the background of the title-track. . What time spent collaborating with D.K. also showed us is how much his sound magnified itself and its textures sharpened for the past three years. We now know for sure that his music only seems versatile on the surface as Distant Images confirms that the Paris-based musician has been, in fact, digging deeper in the same direction, each new record working like a diaphragm, always more precisely adjusted to capture his inner vision. It feels, for instance, like D.K.'s music is constantly trying to reach a higher level of evanescence from one record to an other, a process which possibly accelerated after a visit from Suzanne Kraft - who he recorded an album with, earlier this year (coming out on Melody As Truth). With Distant Images, D.K.'s sound also took a step further into reality - the most attentive ears will hear seagulls on Distant Images while rain is softly falling on Leaving - and slightly departed from the digital universes that his previous records seemed to set in motion. From the most abstract songs - like the Steve Reich-ian Shaker Loops - to the most evocative ones, the five compositions on Distant Images are like stained glass, gently filtering natural light. It is therefore no coincidence if, of all the senses, the titles of the songs mostly refer to Sight: close your eyes while listening to the cinematographic Days Of Steam and visions of an industrious city might appearbefore you. The beauty that emanates from Distant Images is of a diaphanous kind and the record a collection of kaleidoscopic moments.



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