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Label: R&S
Nr kat.: RS1714
Format: 12"
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R&S welcome techno icon Benjamin Damage to the fold with his new Montreal EP. One of most acclaimed young techno artists in recent times, Benjamin Damage is a perfect addition to the R&S roster. As the first artist Modeselektor signed to their hugely influential 50 Weapons imprint, Damage deployed his trademark heavy artillery beats over bold, blistering riffs and haunting, emotive melodies to devastating effect. With the closing of 50 Weapons, R&S offers a new home. His unique ability to deliver dancefloor destroying mayhem, dark atmospheres and richly textured melodies perfectly encompasses the music that has made the label timeless. 'Being part of R&S is a dream for me, I had some incredible times with 50 Weapons, some of the best of my life, and I was really sad to see it go. R&S have been so important to me artistically since a very young age. It was a very special feeling when they asked me to join up with them' Montreal, his first EP for the label, follows the crowning achievement of his stunning 2015 LP Obsidian; the last artist album to close 50 Weapons. Damage lives up to his name - three cuts of pulsating peak time mayhem, pummelling drums, shuffling iridescent synthwork and dreamy pads that manage to imbue the hedonistic spirit of the 90s while feeling fresh and vital. A key part of Benjamin's success has come from his incendiary live shows, road tested around the globe with Modeselektor and the 50 Weapons crew. HIs fully hardware set is built around the pioneering handbuilt Cirklon sequencer. Damage is rearming to bring its full firepower to the upcoming R&S showcases.



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