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Wherever You Go, I Will Follow

  • "... this one is about family"

Wherever You Go, I Will Follow
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Format: 12"
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- Exquisite amniotic techno by Dutch electronic music deity, Jochem
Peteri aka Neworldaquarium.
- His first material recorded since Thousand Oaks (Ostgut Ton, 2014)
and first new 154 release since Strike (Delsin. 2004}
- 22 minutes of cascading, coruscating harmonics smudged and
rendered with fathoms-deep lushness

It's our pleasure to finally offer a major new work by Jochem Peteri's cultishly adored 154 alias as part of the Boomkat Editions 12X12 series - home to releases by Kara-Lis Coverdale, Beatrice Dillon, SND & Terre Thaemlitz, Raime and others.
Originally conceived to soundtrack an installation by Delta (the artist behind stacks of Delsin's label artwork), the 22 minute piece's swell of amniotic techno ambience has been sliced to vinyl here in two parts playing at 45rpm, which was patently the best way to capture the billowing but viscous harmonic dynamics of what surely ranks among 154's most impressive works.
Typically crafted in one improvised take, Wherever You Go, I Will Follow finds Peteri wholeheartedly embracing the harmony between analogue and digital realms in his studio, finally allowing him to dynamically compose, edit and effortlessly shift between
and inside mediums, something he's been hoping technology would allow for years but which has only effectively become possible recently.
Taking inspiration from the birth of his second child, the results are suitably life-affirming and bathed in light. They take the listener beyond the smoked-out introspection of his seminal Strike (2004) and The Dead Bears (2007) albums - both a huge influence on
Actress, Lee Gamble and Huerco S among very many others - not to mention perennial faves of ours - to a more contented and quietly alluring place on the horizon, positively replacing his earlier work's sense of detachment with transcendent feelings of intimacy, happiness, love.

Or in Peteri's own words, this one is about family


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