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Can't Stop Dancing

Can't Stop Dancing
Label: Cree
Nr kat.: CRS513
Format: 12"
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After his success with the ‚Michael Boothman Sound‘ and What You Won’t Do For Love, a song Michael had recorded in 1980 with Charmaine Forde he decided to change his musical direction again. Once again, he incorporated Calypso and other Caribbean musical genres in his music. In the early 1980s he rebranded the ‚Michael Boothman Sound‘ as ‚Kysofusion Band‘.

Change and experimenting has been an important part of Michael Boothman’s career since the 1960’s when he started with his first group The Rockerfellas playing contemporary pop music. During the 1970 revolution in Trinidad and his experiences at the QRC Jazz Workshop The Rockerfellas evolved into Family Tree, a band that experimented with African rhythms, Calypso, Jazz, Funk and Latin music. A few years later The Michael Boothman Sound was born which was a Caribbean Pop/Disco project.

The name Kysofusion Band is based on the name of the musical style ‚Kaiso‘, a type of popular music in Trinidad & Tobago that has its roots in West African music and evolved into Calypso music.

The band had many different line-ups over the years but the core of the band were Michael Boothman, Wayne Bonnaparte , David Boothman, Barry Howard, David Batiste and Sydney Joseph.
In 1985 after a collaboration with Ralph MacDonald and Keith ’Designer’ Prescott on Jump With Me, Michael went into Coral studios with Designer again to record Can’t Stop Dancing, a balearic and athmospheric Disco song with Calypso influences. The song got some minor recognition on the radio and in the local clubs in Trinidad & Tobago.

Can’t Stop Dancing is very sought after among record collectors and has now been picked up by DJs on the international club scene and is the perfect soundtrack for a mellow summer night.


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