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Living Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances (black/czarny)

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Living Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances (black/czarny)
Label: Attitudes
Nr kat.: ATT001BLACK
Format: LP
Kraj: PL
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  • A1 Dystopic Fantasies.mp3
  • A2 Despair at Times of Rejection.mp3
  • A3 Ventriloquist.mp3
  • B1 Feeding Goddesses.mp3
  • B2 Possibility of Artificial Suffering.mp3
  • B3 Waist Deep in Dead Canarians.mp3


Here comes the third album by Polish electronic experimental musician, sound artist and producer Wilhelm Bras (Paweł Kulczyński aka Lautbild) based in Warsaw.

‘Living Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances’ - his very first vinyl - sonically follows previous releases, yet arrives as more detailed and scrutinized, with less density and more dynamics in highly compact form of just over 30 minutes. Conveniently, he is also starting a new label with it – ATTITUDES.

Newly delivered compositions span over two years of making and underwent the final process of tedious truncating to fit the vinyl format, hence the essence of narration and careful threading bring along various non-idiomatic moods and cross-genre specifics.

No second is overdue here, in a feature-packed release by a mature artist persistently honing his distinct universe of rhythmic cavalcades and twisted, springy melodies intertwined with noisy soundscapes, all coming with a high degree of precision not usually associated with such a raw building blocks.

Although generally experimental in its nature, including even violent, industrial and highly innovative timbres, this structurally adventurous album also covers borderline techno, acid and trance... more
released September 1, 2018

Composed, performed and mixed
by Wilhelm Bras (Paweł Kulczyński) 2015-2018
All sounds are of analogue origin by self-made synthesizers.

mastered by Tim Xavier / Man Made Mastering, Berlin




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