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I Rise Remix EP

I Rise Remix EP
Label: Compost
Nr kat.: COMP527-1
Format: 12"
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  • a1 I Rise (Francois K Journey vocal).mp3
  • b1 I Rise (Francois K dub).mp3
  • b2 I Rise (Francois K bonus beats).mp3


Emilie Nana marks a strong return to Compost Records with a heavenly remix package for her latest offering on the label - I Rise - contributed by one of dance music's most respected and acclaimed figures - the mighty François K.

I Rise is the reflection of Emilie Nana's hatching and metamorphosis. With this record she makes us to witness her transformation from a state of chrysalide to butterfly. I Rise is the synonym for self assertion, as a determined african black woman and an ode to inspiring women, throwing in their energy in order to transform themselves.

Emilie Nana will bring you up! Her levitating voice, almost whispered, will overwhelm you. She will bewitch you like a great priestess whereas the musical backing is deep, hypnotic and steady tones. I Rise is a denunciation, Emilie Nana claims! It is not only about a meditation but truly well a declamation. She clearly address to the oppressor. She speaks whit great assurance! She answers to decades of mistreatment. She is a black woman who's expressing herself proudly. A strongly personal music!

After Danny Krivit, who came up with the now classic re-edits for the initial release of I Rise, it's now fellow New Yorker and Body & Soul compagnon François K who's sharing this strong sentiment. Like with Danny Krivit, the opportunity to working with a personality that gathers all ethnic origins together throughout his career and life like François Kevorkian - a living legend, whose production- and remix works for countless artists are beyond classics and covering a timeframe of more than four decades - is a big honour for Emilie Nana and of course for Compost Records in either way. Kevorkian's role as a mastermind in NYC nightlife is untouchable and the fact that he's still sharing his knowledge and forward thinking attitude towards dance music, keeps him going strong at the forefront of the international dance music scene. We feel happy and blessed to release François Kevorkian's masterclass remix works of I Rise. Three different versions to play with - all brilliant and very special in his inimitable manner!

Emilie Nana's I Rise is based on the lyrics of the poem Still I Rise by Maya Angelou.

Early Support and Quotes on I Rise:
Laurent Garnier: EXCELLENT - this is a pure beauty....Loooove it
Ron Trent: Good to hear from you. Nice release...Please send this to me would love to rock it. Looking forward
Kalabrese: Beautiful. Like it. Very levitating and kicking.... will try the Danny Krivit Edit tonight
King Britt: Hell yes! Thank you. Give her my best
Michel Cleis: I love the song. Original is beautiful. Floatings / Ambiances are great and Emilie s voice is really nice. Danny's edits are great. Will play all this for sure. Thank you very much.

Quotes on The Meeting Legacy - Album 2016:
Great new artists... today... eh... not so easy to come by... people who not only have great music, but also add something to it with their presence... people your actually driven to follow... because you know more great things are coming... Emilie Nana seems very passionate about her music & very much about what's right & wrong in the world... a face and a mind to the music... and a lot of heart too... someone I can't wait to hear what's next from... underground... poignant... cutting edge... I'm a follower :) Favorite track: Inward Path. DANNY KRIVIT (718 Sessions / Body & Soul NYC) via Bandcamp

An impressive, promising debut album. GROOVE Mag
Fresh, blistely, very creative and extremely exciting FAZE (longplayer of the month)
Smoothly sounding groover INTRO
A brilliant collection of electronica music that isn't afraid to bend the genres... a new-guard of future music is here.

Quotes on The Meeting Legacy Remixes - EP 2016
Bad ass!! A new classic..staple in my record bag! OSUNLADE (Yoruba) via Bandcamp
Nice package. Manoo Nanadub is the one for me I think. Mano Le Tough
Yes, great reworks by Manoo! Quarion
Love the Beanfield & Thomas Herb Mix and the Manoo Dub. Ewan Pearson
This is wonderful! Luke Solomon

Additional airplays and DJ support by: Louie Vega, Anané Vega, Mr. Raoul K., Luciano, Matthias Meyer, Mirco Loco, Bill Brewster, Charles Webster, Claudio Coccoluto, Ingo Sänger, The Drifter, Manuel Tur and many more....

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