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Mental Statement EP

Mental Statement EP
Nr kat.: PRSON006
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 Mental Statement.mp3
  • a2 Mental Statement (Joe Farr remix).mp3
  • b1 Exhale.mp3
  • b2 Unleash.mp3


One of Poland's freshest exports, if you don't know already, this is Sept and with his 'Mental Statement' EP for our 6th edition. 3x XXL bombs complimented with a heavyweight Joe Farr remix.

Warsaw's Sept is undoubtedly ready for a busy future, emerging well respected from his local scene to becoming an international talent. This ep is an example of some his best pieces to date, in fact they are beasts for the dancefloor. The title track Mental Statement, holds a kinetic energy with an infectious and menacing hook line, along with a taunting vocal 'Live, Die, Repeat'. Bristolian Joe Farr reworks the mayhem in his signature style, adding distortion, hooks and a multitude of devilish drops.

On the flipside more WMD's for the bag, 'Exhale' is a relentless naughty stomper that will slide well into any peak time. As will its dark horse counterpart 'Unleash', never more appropriate has been the saying... last, but not least. This is the type of carnage we endeavour to deliver in our movement, already this track has erupted many a rave played by a select few, with its 90's Jungle like break down, its been begging a track ID for time and now it's out there...

Ben Gibson (dyad) - Quality! Like Liaisons Dangereuses On Methamphetamine :)! I Miss This Style Of Techno.

Dax J - Mental Statement!

Gareth Wild - Full Full Support !!!!!! Big

He/at - Absolute Belter!!

Henning Baer - Love It!

Inigo Kennedy - Solid Tracks From Sept Here, Will Play For Sure!

Jokasti & Nek - Great Release, Will Play. Thank You!

Nx1 - 1, 2 & 3. Killer Ep.

Oliver Deutschmann - Great One! Joe Farr Remix & Unleash For Me. Thanks.

Quail (animal Farm) - Heavy Duty!

Remco Beekwilder - Excellent Sounds From Poland!! Feeling This Ep A Lot, Thx!

Slam - Joe Farr Remix, Thanks!

Takaaki Itoh - Exhale Is Top For Me!

Unbalance - All Originals Are Definitely For Me, Rave Mood, Thanks!

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