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Moving In And Out EP

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Moving In And Out EP
Nr kat.: BSRX012
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Untitled 130M41.mp3
  • a2 Untitled 119 K2 (SW remix).mp3
  • b1 Untitled 119 K2.mp3
  • b2 Untitled 121 Y15.mp3


SJ Tequilla continues to build on his small but well formed discography with a new EP on Bright Sounds. His three originals come backed with a remix from cult producer SW. SJ Tequilla has released on his own Shot Of T imprint and DJ Fett Burger s Freakout Cult since debuting in 2017. The Japanese born, Berlin based artist is also close to Sex Tags Mania and regularly holds it down at OHM Club as well as for busking on his live, vintage hardware jams around the streets of Kreuzberg.
The opener is a six minute house bumper with a classic lead acid line and plenty of Detroit pads. The pinging analogue drums are lively and elastic while more thoughtful keys are draped over the top. SUED man SW. steps up to remix and brings a mixture of pad laced serenity old school rave basslines to his hard hitting drums. The B1 is another rugged mix of live sounding drums, acid snuggles and rueful keys while ambient synths stretch off to infinity. Last but not least, B2 sinks into a blissed out dub house vibe, rolling deep and smooth and showing off Tequilla s ability to cook up far sighted synths that have real emotion. This is an EP well school in traditionalism but that also brings some fresh skills and ideas to the grooves.



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