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I Love Music

I Love Music
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Ohio's O'Jays were a hugely popular part of Philadelphia's PIR stable throughout the 1970's and 80's.
They cut numerous sides for the label aided by the incredible production and arrangements of the infamous Gamble and Huff hit machine.

This special 4 track EP includes some of the absolute evergreen, stellar and downright soulful tracks they are most known for. It's all here. Influential, uplifting, inspiring and soulful music that will touch everyone. From the string laden and lush extended proto Disco joy of 1975's 'I Love Music', to the deep and soulful Philly stylings of 'Back Stabbers', 'Message In Our Music' & 'My Favourite Person', all of the music contained within this amazing collection is utterly essential if you dig Soul, Funk, Disco, Gospel and even House music. This is it. The real deal. These are some of the roots of contemporary dance music, the building blocks. On top of that, it's simply great music, a solid and essential addition to any record collection from one of the greatest vocal groups of the era, not to mention the world calls production, arrangement & execution from the legendary Gamble & Huff. A real no brainer this one.....

This is a fully legit reissue, made in conjunction with Above Board distribution and Sony music, sourced from their vaults using original source material and remastered and repressed to the highest standard for 2018 and featuring all original PIR label artwork.

Here's your chance to own yet another essential stone cold classic from the archives!



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