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Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices
Label: Phonica
Nr kat.: PHONICA024
Format: 12"
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It's been 5 years since North Lake delivered the 'Moonwalker' 12' on Phonica's main label and it's telling that to this day it's one of the most requested for a repress. That's not to say he's been idle in the years since then, his releases for Life & Death, Permanent Vacation and Ellum Audio have cemented his reputation as a trusted producer in the world of leftfield Techno.

North Lake is Michigan-based Isaac Delongchamp and his 'Hearing Voices' EP features four tracks that illustrate his influences, stretching from classic Detroit Techno to Deep House and even New Age and Ambient. In fact, these four tracks could work as a story, from the opening title track, 'Hearing Voices' through two peak-time housers into the after-hours vibe of the final track.

'Hearing Voices' is the standout here based on a beautiful looping keyboard melody which subtly grows, progressing and ascending to a deceptive moment of silence before returning to its original melody. Next up 'Vibing To Your Vibe' is a perfect combination of organic and electronic elements with little synth details and an 80s Electro vibe adding to the 4/4 groove.

On the flip, the simple but devastatingly effective Omar S-esque 'Magic Ride', the EP's peak energy moment and the logical follow-up to his first Phonica release with Dixon-favourite 'Marlborol Noir'. Finally, the record comes to an end with 'Teenage Heartbreak', a mellow, classy House production that works just as well on the dancefloor as well as home listening.



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