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Truth EP

Truth EP
Label: Phonica
Nr kat.: PHONICA026
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 Truth (main street mix).mp3
  • a2 Truth (Back Alley mix).mp3
  • b1 Old Way, New Way.mp3
  • b2 And Then.mp3


Warsaw-based Bartosz Kruczyński returns as Earth Trax to Phonica’s main label, following on from last year’s well received ‘L’Avventura’ 12”, this time in collaboration with regular production partner Newborn Jr.

The pair have created a string of brilliant records together, such as ‘Sax & Flute’ on Rhythm Section, ‘Mirage’ on Les Yeux Orange and ‘If You’ on Shall Not Fade. Bartosz also has a growing solo discography under his own name, along with a variety of aliases such as The Phantom, Pejzaz, and of course; Earth Trax.

The A side here leads with the title track ‘Truth’, in which rose-tinted reminiscences of the golden early 90s era of House music echo, with dubbed out diva vocals cascading over wide snares, 303 acid lines and that almighty bassline, appearing through shimmering delays and reverbs in a vision of bygone nights at the Hacienda or Shelleys. Next up is the ‘Back Alley mix’ or a traditional dub mix - everything you need from the main mix but less vocal and more plays on THAT bassline with dub effects.

On the flip, as its title suggests, ‘Old Way, New Way’ bridges the gap, combing the same bassline driven Chicago house stylings with the deep new age textures that have characterised previous releases from the pair, flutes and pads floating sweetly above jacking drum grooves, reminiscent of mid-90s Italo House. Finally, ‘And Then’ fulfils the transformation, with ethereal late night pads enveloping a more lofi rhythm section and more flute for a more subtle, end of night Don Carlos ‘Alone’ feel.



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