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James Baldwin EP 2

James Baldwin EP 2
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Format: 12"
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  • a1 And That Is Why.mp3
  • a2 Where Were You Born Before That.mp3
  • a3 Where Were You Born Before That (Buscrates remix).mp3
  • b1 And That Is Why (Waajeed Detroit Disco instrumental).mp3
  • b2 And That Is Why (Waajeed Detroit disco deconstruction).mp3


James Baldwin was an unparalleled master of the written and spoken word. He was best known for his brilliant essays, plays and novels that shone light on his insights into race, sexuality, spirituality and humanity. Baldwin was an incredible orator who commanded the power of words. Whether on the pages of his books or in speeches and debates, he was passionate, compelling and powerful. This EP is the second half of a project that is a tribute to Baldwin. It features extracts from the audio portion of a documentary film shot of a discussion led by James Baldwin and Dick Gregory at the West Indian Student Centre in London in 1968.

Peabody & Sherman is a partnership between Phillip C Hertz and Curtis Ruptash - drummer and bass player respectively. They share common interests in dub, afrobeat, funk, jazz, ambient and improvisational music. They have long histories of the employing 'studio as instrument' approach to recording. The foundations for this EP was P&S rhythm tracks recorded at the Wayback Machine Studio in 2011. Supplemental instruments were layered on to create the final product. The same original sessions were also the source for their James Baldwin EP released in 2012. That EP featured remixes by Area and Afrikan Sciences.

The same concept is applied here, with remixes being contributed by Waajeed and BusCrates. Waajeed is a Detroit producer known for inventive and genre-defying music. He is background includes his work with Slum Village through to the Platinum Pied Pipers and to his work with his own Dirt Tech label today. BusCrates is a Pittsburg based producer known for his inventive use of electric and vintage synths to create deep layers of analog goodness.



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