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Hi-Bias EP

Hi-Bias EP
Label: Big Shot
Nr kat.: BL-015
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Wind It Up.mp3
  • a2 More More More.mp3
  • b1 Don't Look Back.mp3
  • b2 Secret Departure.mp3


A truly essential EP of the deepest Electro-Funk sounds.

From the vaults of Canadian power-house record label Big Shot we're proud to present a fully legitimate and remastered repress of Hi-Bias' seminal self-titled EP from 1990. Produced by Big Shot records mastermind Nick Fiorucci and Michael Ova this 4 tracker mines a more Electro / Freestyle centric sound that glides effortlessly. Cool, sleek, bass-heavy and immaculately programmed and mixed, the EP is an essential for lovers of analogous grooves, bass and timeless machine-funk. For example, EP opener 'Wind It Up' does exactly what it says, metronomic, clicking drum machines lead us into some epic synth breaks and a tense, sparse mood... a dramatic build-up that eventually crescendos into a deep, futuristic bassline, beautifully mixed and produced this sonic high-quality feeling is evident across the whole record, from the downtempo blissed-out Hip-Hop beats of 'More More More', to the dystopian Electro grooves of 'Don't Look Back' and 'Drive It Home' the whole record is totally heavyweight in every way. Original copies of this 1990 masterpiece are very very hard to come by with second hand copies changing hands for tidy sums when available.

This is the first in a long line of Big Shot reissues, all remastered from the original source materials and with the full involvement of the rights holders.
A collaboration between Above Board distribution and Big Shot records, Canada. Remastered by Optimum Mastering, Bristol UK. 2018.



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