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Dark Magus EP

Dark Magus EP
Nr kat.: SCAN027
Format: 12"
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Neil Landstrumm new form as a sexless gas was taken in response to the decline of need for physical form in the facebook era of humanity. Brain Rays facilitated this transformation at his Bizarre Rituals event that he holds in the South West of the Brexshit UK in 2017. From this alchemic fusion of sexless gas and thermal energy was born the Dark Magus project of 1980s 12-bit spell casting and is now manifest in this mini-LP relaunching the Scandinavia label on 1990s techno based fame. Alternatively Landstrumm and Brain Rays can be found on a capitalist-disaster product market stall in Totnes most Tuesdays renting out knives and forks and tents to post-Brexit Tory victims.

The genie of Wadi Rum, found by Brain Rays and held captive in a small perfume bottle found on the streets of Salisbury to be freed only once returned to his native desert in Jordan by the mythical Hans of Pllazoor. This 12' is their communication to attract and seek Hans of Pllazoor and form a trilogy of cunts to make the epic journey by ancient Landcruiser to the valleys of Wadi Rum to the source of Dark Magus itself. Answers will be found as to why people STILL vote Tory in Britain and why a racist curse was placed over the moist islands in 2016.

What do/did you want to express with this record

How it feels to be a sexless gas in post_Brexshit Britain on a mission to release the genie of Wadi Rum with the help of Hans of Pllazoor. The mood was alchemic 12-bit spell-casting from deep inside the fantasy portal and the state of mind was careless panic.

How did you record it / technique / material

Brain Rays invited Neil Landstrumm to contribute tracks via the fantasy portal . Unfortunately lacking fingers, the sexless gas of Neil Landstrumm (ghost of the 90s) simply vaporised the material and breathed it through a hollow tube towards the portal. Brain Rays, who has fingers, simply gathered the gas and boom!, the vapour was mixed into a perfect holofane file.

Which influences / scenes did you want to represent

Brain Rays and Landstrumm wanted to represent disaster based capitalism and promote their weekly Brexshit market stall renting knives and forks and tents to Tory victims in the lovely town of Totnes in Devon. We exorcise evil Brexshit spirits. Influence was also taken from the 'Powder Exhibition' and several packs of Beef Rings. We represent 'Tales of Immoral Spell Casting' in 2019.

The Future -

We don't have any gigs as dancing social media expert DJs with USB sticks take them all these days from actual proper real record producers.



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