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Come Closer

Come Closer
Nr kat.: GPM502V
Format: 12"+MP3
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For their next trick, Get Physical treats everyone to a taste of their latest big project, India Gets Physical, with a single from Kone Kone that includes remixes from Reboot and Todh Teri (who will be curating and mixing the bumper forthcoming compilation). Mumbai's Kone Kone has an unconventional DJ style, creating audio-visual productions that are 'a new route to discover old media.' Kone Kone's electronic sounds explore Indian musical practices with a lo-fi finish, including references taken from disco, funky basslines and rolling toms. This superb latest track is a tribute to Indian cinema's '80s dance music. Entitled 'Come Closer,' it is a brilliantly loose and louche house track propped up by elastic bass. A whole world of instrumentation and exotic percussion enrich the groove while female vocal coos and soulful pads bring rich colours to lift the listener. Remixer Todh Teri is behind the acclaimed Deep In India release series and is at theheart of the revival of Indian cinematic sounds, where Bollywood sounds are reworkedfor the modern dance floor. His brilliant version has heavier drums doing big loops and pulling you further in each time as the synths bring cosmic vibes. Last of all, label stalwart Reboot's Muscleflexx Remix is darker and more edgy, with late night dance floors in mind as the pulsing synths and slippery drums gradually unravel. This is a great introduction to the next exciting chapter in Get Physical's country- focused compilation series.



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