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  • a1 Moons Delux - Know No Better (London Modular Alliance remix).mp3
  • a2 No Response.mp3
  • b1 Chrome.mp3
  • b2 Super Jupiter.mp3


Dimensions Recordings is proud to welcome London Modular Alliance back to the fold with their most dynamic and exciting release to date. Following on from 2017's superb Hands & Brains EP, the group present four new tracks on the 'Materials EP'.

Across the release, London Modular Alliance demonstrate their depth, technicality and playfulness in an EP that will find favour with dance floor enthusiasts and electro purists in equal measure. The London based crew are now firmly instated as the UK's prime electro proponents. From their powerful live shows and their small but perfectly sourced modular gear store in East London to their ever growing and impeccable catalogue, LMA are now established as a key artists in a reinvigorated and bristling electro scene worldwide.

Moons Delux's 'Know No Better (London Modular Alliance Remix)' is a crossover masterpiece. LMA's take on the Irish band's song sees them use a sprawling, vocal introduction, (with a vocal that might be more reminiscent of the likes of Caribou or even Thom Yorke) which eventually breaks to give way to a devastating barrage of beats that will no doubt see a broad range of DJs find space in their bags for it. 'No Response' strips things right back, tight, minimal production which is brimming with elastic funk and character - electro boogie. On the flip, 'Chrome' is a purist masterclass, energetic percussion, deep sub bass and detailed arrangement make it a versatile cut. The EP rounds off with 'Super Jupiter', and by no means are LMA letting up - the very fact that a track of this stature is final cut on the EP shows the sheer craftsmanship on display.



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