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Panokorama Remixed

Panokorama Remixed
Nr kat.: ESP046A
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Sala Sensi (Florian Kupfer remix).mp3
  • a2 Clypp (Skudge remix).mp3
  • b1 Sala Sensi (Gilb'R remix).mp3
  • b2 Clypp (Ground remix).mp3


In 2017, Bartellow deviated from ESP Institute's celebrated Tambien, the Bavarian trio (alongside Public Possession's Marvin and Valentino) whose two prior releases had stormed castles across the land, and graced us with his debut 2xLP Panokorama. He set a high bar for discerning listeners, painting grand gestures from a rened palette and bending unconventional audio sources into a rich textural melange. Now, two years later, a motley crew of producers reimagines two of Bartellow's captivating album cuts. Side A leads with a blistering bastardization of Sala Sensi by Florian Kupfer, a down-and-dirty mechanic from the neighboring L.I.E.S. camp who's built a base of thick relentless drum patterns that batters beneath disorienting machines and a haphazardly stabbing piano. Following this, Stockholm depth-charger Skudge strips away the lth, reducing Clypp to a few tidy elements and focuses on their warm hypnotic nature. Side B holds a distorted mirror to its former, leading again with Sala Sensi but Chateau Flight's Gilb'r twists the music into an exquisite corpse, a loose amalgamation of late-night sessions from his Amsterdam studio interwoven as one. Rounding out this bizarre exercises is another remix of Clypp by longtime collaborator from Osaka, Ground—this reciprocates for Bartellow's remix of 2018's Logos—and the musical approach here is somewhat of a Ground calling card; playful, psychedelic, organic and dripping wet. Upon rst listen, this collection may feel disparate as utensils in a kitchen sink, but with time spent pinging between all four corners, we discover a sense of freedom in amongst their disengagement, an unapologetic 'fuck you.'



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