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Skye EP (180g)

Skye EP (180g)
Label: Heist
Nr kat.: HEIST038
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Jane's World (original mix).mp3
  • a2 Sacramento.mp3
  • b1 Morbid.mp3
  • b2 Jane's World (DJ Boring remix).mp3


Heist is first and foremost a label dedicated to quality house music with an eccentric angle. Promoting great music from the Netherlands comes as a close second. After presenting a lot of notable artists from our country, it’s great to showcase another young Dutch talent with our latest release: Perdu.
You might know him from his solo debut on Let’s Play House or the follow up on Optimo Music last year. Perdu’s music gets played by the big ones in the game like Hunee, Optimo and Palms Trax to name a few; and obviously, by us. We’re proud to introduce you to his “Skye EP”. His new release includes 3 varied originals and a rave anthem made by none other than our fun loving Ozzie friend DJ Boring.

The A side kicks off with “Jane’s World” and is the track that made us fall in love with this EP when we heard the demo. It’s a worldly tinged house monster, filled with harmonized drum rolls, a counting Frenchman and a funky arpeggio for good measure.
“Sacramento” takes a more introverted approach, leaning on a broken beat and atmospheric pads. The consistency of the kalimba with the vocal gives it a certain swing that got our ears longing for more.

The B-side starts with “Morbid”, a life-affirming electronic anthem, where Perdu shows his mastery of creating a proper build up. Over the whole course of the track, there’s a lead that slowly but surely opens its filter. There’s bells, harps, hand percussion and rides that all build up towards a lovely climax towards the end, while the track never feels like it’s forcing itself upon you.
Where the 3 originals are all, to some extent, quite introverted and modest, DJ Boring’s remix is anything but that. His version of “Jane’s World” is all about ravey leads, powerful percussion and huge breakdowns, which will do wonders at any festival or club closing set.
We hope to pleasantly surprise some of you, and as always, make a musical impact on your moment in the club, at home, or wherever it is you enjoy the music of our new Heist release.



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