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Tempo Of Love / Beggin Bread

Tempo Of Love / Beggin Bread
Nr kat.: G003T
Format: 12"
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H2H is the Production team of Chez Damier, Ben Vedren and Paul Cut. The concept was created by Damier/Vedren who doesn’t need any introduction, they've respectively mastered house music and minimal. Despite being known for different styles they're still a perfect match. Within minutes with them you'll figure out that in their own way they are very similar. This Ep is taken off the forth coming album collection H2H Road Trip Collection. “Tempo of Love” this track was inspired by the legendary French jazz composer Jean -Luc Ponty. Studio sources says that if these guys could have gotten him to play on this track would have been a dream come true, but since this did not happen somehow Chez, Paul and Ben were very creative by building this funky electro tech track with the imagination on Jean Luc on the strings and here you have a fresh masterpiece. Soulful, minimal, and classic at the same time, the track brings a new sound element to the dance music collective Beggin Bread , a deep underground track with the memories of early Ron Trent and Chez Damier b, but only with a current twist, soulful vocal samples layered with a hypnotic melody groovy bassline and a little bit of Prescription records back in the day , make this track a winner for great sound systems and a audience who wants to feel freedom in their dance. Mixes by Tuccillo.





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