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The Light EP

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The Light EP
Nr kat.: TRNS007
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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  • a1 Brothers & Sisters.mp3
  • a2 Brothers & Sisters (Dub).mp3
  • b1 The Light (Rejoice).mp3
  • b2 The Light (Reprise).mp3


"Oj, ale to kocha się, kocha się, kocha..." - Witold Gombrowicz


One of the most charismatic and respected DJs in Poland, Eltron (aka Eltron John) presents what is probably the most expressedly club-oriented record in Transatlantyk history. His four track offering sounds much like his sets – ferocious and subtle, raw and sophisticated at the same time. The main mix of “B&S” blends druggy deepness inspired by the vibe of 90s Tribal America with UK Funky riddims, creating the sort of pneumatic house groove that never fails to get the party rocking. This simple, yet meticulously produced tune has already been road-tested and received enthusiastic feedback from a number of jocks around Europe, and the vinyl version seems destined to strengthen its deserved banger-with-a-message status. The dub version of “B&S” fuses layers of darker, industrial bleeps with a classic break and a rather healthy dose of echo. Trippy and rough, yet exhilarating – it is exactly the kind of track you want to hear in a dark warehouse. Switch to the B-side for “The Light”, where sampled vocals, pitched-down drums and fuzzy pads are combined to form a unique specimen of lo-fi R’n’B, Eltron-style. This hazy groove is guaranteed to guide dancers ever-so-gently into the light of the morning. Finally, “Reprise” exposes the bare bones of the original. With its dubby, in-your-face quality, it is one for the track heads, definitely.



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