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Tropical Disco Edits Vol. 10 (180g)

Tropical Disco Edits Vol. 10 (180g)
Nr kat.: TDISCO010
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Sartorial - Warping.mp3
  • a2 Moodena - Jammin.mp3
  • b1 Simon Kennedy - Back To Soul.mp3
  • b2 Hotmood - Everybody.mp3


In quick succession, Tropical Disco return with their tenth outing, a fluid, well sketched out and fiery ensemble of tracks, including newcomers and old friends.

Sartorial opens the carnival in typical class with ‘Warping’, involving titillating vibraphones pairing with a fidgety bass make for a raucous ride. When the brass enters it does indeed feel like the launch of something special, while the beat slams with the immediacy of an anthem. There’s some truly hypnotic moments when the chimes of the vibraphone dip and echo in the mix, masquerading as emphatic allurers of the deep.

Maintaining the enlivened pace, Moodena’s ‘Jammin’ is the brightest cut out of the four. There’s a wooziness to the keys, and a smoky soulfulness to the brass that’s simultaneously deep and rowdy. Vocal chants paired with a transition to Rockstar electric guitar conjure unfathomable energy; it’s an ode to unrestrained, liberal music making and totally nails it.

Simon Kennedy is welcomed back to the fold and back to his old tricks, doing what he does best. ‘Back To Soul’ couples well-chosen soul samples with a beefed up low end and his classic, pumping drums. The vocal is full and lush, enough to make anyone gush on the dancefloor.

Mexican talent and Tropical Disco debutant Hotmood closes the EP off with ‘Everybody’. It’s a shuffle and swing symphony, stitched together effortlessly and with a meaningful groove. A wiggly bass and tribal percussion work are the driving forces, being joined with infectious vocals, synth rises and sparkles. The sound is more akin with 00’s french house than nu-disco – fire!!!



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