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Married With The Game

Married With The Game
Label: NBAST
Nr kat.: NBASTWAX008
Format: 12"
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It's game time ladies and gents - and our next release is here. To celebrate the eighth record, we have a special white label affair coming up from none other than HDSN, who passionately ripped the heart and soul out of three new tracks once again. Woven together with organic, electronic textures but also displaying an undoubted soulful quality, The Game represents a sound that is born out of a deep love and appreciation for the music.

Indeed, the title track is definitely the peak time bomb on the record. The track is wrapped up in a kicking groove, powerful drums, a driving baseline and nice looped vocals - all combined to make for a sure crowd-mover, which is gonna throw any crowd into an uncontrollable frenzy as soon as the deep bass and soulful sounds blast through the speakers. “The Power” really encompasses what house music is all about: it's a feeling of unity, no matter your race or sexuality. It’s pure positivity, with its roots in gospel and soul.

The hypnotizing Rhodes line and the blistering vocals provide the listener with a real chance to rediscover the lightheartedness lost in the chaos of modern life. Positive and infectious, this one is impossible not to love. Elegant in its simplicity, it's pure and (unlike much contemporary music), not overproduced. “The G-Code” can best be described as one big trip down memory lane, an anthem the hood danced to in the past. A tune that pulls no punches, it is packed with heavy swung beats and deep and sleazy rap samples, a move which grants the release an undoubted hip-hop swagger. A limited edition release, HDSN's latest iOS definitely one worth cherishing.




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