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Son Of A Beatnik

Son Of A Beatnik
Label: House Jam
Nr kat.: HJA9430
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Chunk-A-Nova (Red Dog mix).mp3
  • a2 Chunk-A-Nova (Shelter mix).mp3
  • b1 Our Muzik Iz (Shelter mix).mp3
  • b2 Our Muzik Iz (Red Dog mix).mp3


‘Son Of A Beatnik’ - an absolutely monster record getting some well deserved reissue love! Produced in Chicago by the well loved and late DJ Chunk-A-Bud aka Adam Malian (RIP) all the way back in the mists of 1994 on Rick Lenoir’s coveted House Jam label this 12″ undoubtedly takes it’s cue from the cities vast, rich and deep heritage of DJ’s and predecessors. This record proudly contains the spirit of the Music box, The Warehouse and all the other like-minded spaces that fuel it’s Disco thrusting beats, anyone with a passing interest will know the elements that make up ‘Son of a beatnik’, they are classics in Chicago and beyond! This is one of those records that just doesn’t stop, it’s still getting caned today by those lucky enough to own a copy. A true blue cult classic, real deal house music from the windy city. A truly rare 12″ that doesn’t show up very often ‘Son of a beatnik’ is an essential release from a particularly fertile period in house music, chopped up, sampled, looped and programmed with LOVE! A surefire winner, this record will cause infinite damage on any dance-floor. Truly essential stuff here, this reissue has been realised with the full involvement of Rick Lenoir and is 100% legit! Don’t snooze, this one deserves a spot in any self respecting House heads record bag or DJ set, classic material made available again for 2017!



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