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Shattered Retina EP

Shattered Retina EP
Label: Tectonic
Nr kat.: TEC107
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Shattered Retina.mp3
  • a2 Triops.mp3
  • b1 When The Gun Claps.mp3
  • b2 I Feel Sick.mp3


Having released 2 killer and totally unique EPs on Cold Recordings, the British-born, Berlin-based Eric Baldwin aka Cocktail Party Effect, lines up his first for Tectonic. Across these 4 dynamic 130bpm cuts, CPE demonstrates his sharp ear for creating tracks full of energising percussive twists, melding hard-charging, dynamic techno textures and while running wild with a UK sense of bass-heavy and percussive manoeuvres.

First up is the mesmerising and off kilter ‘Shattered Retina’. Setting the mood for the EP it begins with a hypnotic chime sequence, before rising in tension to release the contained frenzy of drums and swaying bass it held back..

Following on then is ‘Triops’, which breaks out from it’s regimented bleeps in the intro to a broken rhythm that picks itself up just as it’s falling over again.

Flip for ‘When The Gun Claps’, which takes a more UK-percussive tone, rolling out a tribal dance floor beat as the vocal sample cuts in and out. Last up is ‘I Feel Sick’, which takes things the hardest mood on the EP and is an absolute banger! Hard, broken techno with sub shaking bass; twists and turns from the offset.

“I’ve absolutely hammered all 4 of these tracks over and over - I love this EP! Cocktail Party Effect is smashing it at the moment, no doubt.” Pinch

DJ Support from: Martyn, Pinch, Madame X, Loefah, Lamont & many more!



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