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Fuckfaced Robots

Fuckfaced Robots
Nr kat.: X0X010
Format: 12"
Styl: Electro
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This record is dedicated to the memory of Perttu Häkkinen (1979–2018).

The story goes back to 2002 when the original track by Laite was made under the alias Horst Matula. A remix pack was created and I asked if Imatran Voima and Mr Velcro Fastener would do remixes. Everything went fine and I received the remixes from both groups in 2003. However, due to some distribution deals, decline in vinyl sales etc. the record was shelved for some time. The plan was to release this record after X0X002 (Sektoid - If They Dare EP, which also still remains unreleased). Some time turned into some years and other releases went into production. All of this time the record haunted me since I had it ready but not released. There was also certain disbelief on the artists' side if they had done the best possible work on the remixes, but I always believed that we had a great record on our hands.

Fast forward to the end of 2017 when I was once again listening to the tracks. I decided to try for the final time or let the original track and remixes be forgotten forever. Mr Velcro Fastener gave permission to release their remix IF Imatran Voima would do the same. Some time passed and I thought that it might be good to talk about this face to face with Perttu Häkkinen and Jaakko Kestilä of Imatran Voima. I decided that since they were going to perform at X-Rust's 25 year anniversary event in October 2018, I would bring the issue up there.

On the 12th of August 2018 I received the news that Perttu Häkkinen had passed away during the night.

After some grieving I asked permission to release the remix by Imatran Voima from Jaakko Kestilä and the wife of Perttu Häkkinen and the record went into production.

I certainly believe that this is the right thing to do, not only because all of the tracks are great but also because this record contains something that won't come up anymore: Imatran Voima Remix   

All of the funds raised with the sales of this record shall be directed to the wife and two children of Perttu Häkkinen.

I'll end these liner notes with the ambiguous words of Perttu Häkkinen he said to me many times over the years when we met: "Electro on miesten musiikkia." 

Kalle Karvanen,
Label Manager
X0X Records



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