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  • Dużo 303, clapy, przemysłowe hi haty. Nowa składanka na labelu Richiego Hawtina. Efektywne, prawilne techno w sam raz do dużego klubu

Label: Plus 8
Nr kat.: PLUS8138
Format: 2x12"
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  • 01 Anna - High Contrast.mp3
  • 02 Yuada - Circle Of Acid.mp3
  • 03 Fabio Florido - The Bliss.mp3
  • 04 Toni Alvarez - That Days.mp3
  • 05 Matrixxman - Full Clipp.mp3
  • 06 Dave Simon - Methagem.mp3
  • 07 Onyvaa - Misbhv.mp3
  • 08 Orbe - Agdam.mp3


1/ ANNA – High Contrast: Recognition from Mixmag as one of 2018’s best DJ’s, an Essential Mix early in 2019, and a string of acclaimed releases all point to the fact that ANNA is one of the biggest DJ’s in the world right now. She arrives on Plus 8 after a long affiliation with Hawtin.
ANNA: ‘I remember the first time Richie played a song of mine in 2012! It’s been around 7 years now that I’ve been sending him stuff, and in the meantime I’ve learnt more and refined my sound. ‘High Contrast’ is a symbol of how perseverance and dedication lead to accomplishment.’

2/ YUADA - Circle of Acid: Japanese musician, artist and DJ, YUADA, has enjoyed an astounding rise since moving to Europe this year. She’s now based in Amsterdam where she holds a residency at Melkweg. YUADA and Richie Hawtin met at this year’s edition of Awakenings festival in the Netherlands, and after hearing a demo he decided to include ‘Circle of Acid’ on the compilation. With its screeching acid lines and hard hitting percussion, it’s a shot of pure dancefloor energy.
YUADA: ‘I was at Awakenings festival with ONYVAA this year. She introduced me to Richie and he asked me to send him
some of my tracks. It was an unforgettable moment for me.’
3/ Fabio Florido - The Bliss Fabio Florido is an Italian DJ who has played some of the biggest dancefloors around the world. His connection to Richie Hawtin goes back many years when Richie started playing his tracks. In 2014 Fabio became resident DJ for the ENTER events at Space Ibiza and ENTER events across the globe.
His contribution to this compilation was recorded in a focused and
productive studio session.
Fabio: ‘sometimes I’m mechanical and I need to force myself to make music… but with this track it was a total flow.’ ‘The Bliss’ takes cues from the label’s past and future : We have the 303, but it’s played in a different way. It’s very energetic, I’m very proud of it.’

4/ Toni Alvarez - That Days: Toni Alvarez’s heady and percussive track ‘That Days’ recalls the label’s minimalistic techno roots. The Spanish DJ owes his success to an impressive discography of over 50 tracks and a thrilling, intricate four deck mixing style that has become his
signature. It was his production talent that first got Hawtin’s attention.
Toni: ‘When Richie asked me for some songs to include on the Plus 8 compilation I couldn’t believe it but I immediately sent
him all the music I had.’

5/ Matrixxman - Full Clipp: Matrixxman is a prolific and gifted artist with a discography that includes successful forays into hip-hop and pop music. In electronic music he’s made a name for himself producing and spinning raw, percussive dancefloor tracks, taking cues from Chicago, Detroit and the UK. ‘Full Clipp’ sees him explore the darker, trippier side of this sound.
Matrixxman: ‘Rich and I bonded over our mutual love for fucked up futuristic rhythm trax.’

6/ Dave Simon - Methagem: Dave Simon has spent the last decade operating from the centre of Frankfurt’s techno scene. He held a residency at the legendary club U60311 before its closure. Now he appears regularly at MTW Offenbach as well as Tresor in Berlin. He is the founder of the label ‘Proper Techno Tunes’ and has released on Planet Rhythm. The tight and potent ‘Methagem’ was sent to Hawtin as a demo after the two met in 2018.
Dave: I´ve been following Plus 8 since I started listening to electronic Music in the late 90s. I’ve collected so many of their Vinyl and it is - without a doubt - one of the best labels in its genre. It felt unreal when I received the message my track will be part of Plus 8 Records.’

7/ ONYVAA - MISBHV: The kinetic ‘MISBHV’ is the first of ONYVAA’s productions to be released outside Passeport Records, the label she operates from Paris. Passeport releases have attracted the support of DJ’s like Marcel Dettman and Charlotte de Witte. As well as appearing on this compilation, ONYVAA played live at the Plus 8 label night at FOLD in London and will play again before Hawtin’s CLOSE show in Los Angeles on Nov 23 2019.
ONYVAA: ‘I typically start jamming with my modular gear and hardware until I find a loop I can listen to continuously without
getting bored. After I build from there, trying to keep it stripped with many subtle variations.’ - on making tracks in the studio 8/ Orbe - Agdam. Orbe’s music toys with the division between the dancefloor functionalism of techno and the abstract expressionism of ambient
and IDM. His explorations in techno as a solo artist and under the name ‘Lost Epcot’ with Eduardo de la Calle have earned him critical acclaim. ‘Agdam’, which features a disembodied melodic loop over submerged percussion, is the compilation’s most introspective moment.
Orbe: "I am feeling very grateful to be part of this compilation. I’ve been following Richie since my beginning in electronic
music. He has always inspired me ... so this is like a dream come true.

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