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Sun Universe

  • Legenda Tresora i Brighton techno wydaje u Sven Vätha!(?) 3 party-numery zabolą gatunkowych purystów i obudzą klubowiczów, którym się przysnęło na kanapie. Ktoś pamięta, co to fidget lub bassline?

Sun Universe
Label: Cocoon
Nr kat.: COR12167
Format: 12"
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Hot on the heels of “Flesh Is A Prison” - the quirky, electronic wonderland he contributed to Cocoon’s phenomenal S compilation - the multi-talented Neil Landstrumm consolidates his position on the label roster with a debut 3-track EP that channels the uncompromising spirit of seminal UK labels like Network, Warp and Vinyl Solution.

It’s clear from the first few seconds of “Sun Universe” that we‘re being transported back to 90‘s UK rave culture at a point where rave, jungle and house were mutating into speed garage. Ruffness abounds as stuttering snare rolls accompany the rude boy bass, ragga samples and classic ‘hoover’ synth riff, while peripheral sounds circle the groove adding a contemporary twist. Staying true to the times, the arrangement plays it straight, alternating between two distinct structures - one labelled ‘jump up’ and the other ‘spread out’!

These timely juxtapositions of mood alone mean the track will blow up on any dance floor.

“Purple” continues in a similar vein, with a phat, warping bass line underpinning the blunted beats and dusty bleeps. Landstrumm rides the mix in classic old school style, cutting up the linear arrangement with sudden unexpected deviations, alternative rhythms and layered melodies that lend a hidden complexity to the relentless groove.

There’s a different energy at work here, one that flies in the face of certain overcooked, modern production techniques, finding more in common with a raw, vintage Carl Cox three deck mix tape, circa 1989.

To round things off, “Catnatized” drops the tempo for a slab of grimy, acid funk that recalls the early excursions of Sheffield’s electronic pioneers, with a hint of embryonic Amsterdam House thrown in for good measure. Once again the bass line grabs the headlines, rasping and morphing in its own peculiar language while twisted vocals tease the dance floor with the logic of the absurd.

It’s another refreshingly unique statement from Neil Landstrumm, rounding off a ‘must have’ EP that fits perfectly with the Cocoon ethos of championing the presence of the past.



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