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Brightest Lights (trifold)

  • Progresywny house z wokalno-lirycznym zacięciem z Kalifornii. Dokręcone numery, radiowo-filmowe, usprawniające pracę i jazdę samochodem oraz figurujące wysoko w listach przebojów

Brightest Lights (trifold)
Nr kat.: TNHLP002
Format: 2LP
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  • 01 Groundhog Day.mp3
  • 02 Road (feat Arctic Lake).mp3
  • 03 Just.mp3
  • 04 Brightest Lights (feat Polica).mp3
  • 05 Sunday Song.mp3
  • 06 Shooting Arrows (feat Polica).mp3
  • 07 Yard Two Stone (feat Jens Kuross).mp3
  • 08 The Gift.mp3
  • 09 How Often (feat Kauf).mp3
  • 10 Howling Hand.mp3
  • 11 The Flood (feat Nevve).mp3
  • 12 Don't Let Me Go (feat Arctic Lake).mp3
  • 13 The Rope (feat Polica).mp3

Progresywny house z wokalno-lirycznym zacięciem z Kalifornii. Dokręcone numery, jakby filmowe, prawdopodobnie usprawniające pracę i jazdę samochodem.

Set for release in January 2020 on This Never Happened, Lane 8’s ‘Brightest Lights’ LP is the third artist album in just 6 years from one of the fastest rising melodic house acts in that period. Beloved for his commitment to his no-photos/filming This Never Happened touring concept, Lane 8 aka Daniel Goldstein has developed one of the most passionate and fastST growing fanbases in dance music thanks to a prolific stream of unique music. The latest step in his ascending journey, ’Brightest Lights’ is an album that captures the positivity and emotion of the Lane 8 DJ experience - joyous and lost-in-the-moment, as well as offering the more reflective and emotional songwriting that featured on his past LPs such as the critically acclaimed ‘Little By Little’ (#9 Billboard Critic’s Pick for Dance/Electronic Albums of 2018).

Following on from a series of sold out headline shows at 5,000 capacity venues such as Brooklyn Mirage, Frank H Ogawa Plaza in the Bay Area and Grand Park in Los Angeles, Lane 8 will be taking the spirit of the album on tour with a 28-date transatlantic headline tour at venues such as The Mission Ballroom in Denver, Aragon Ballroom in Chicago and London’s iconic Printworks. “We are so bombarded with negative energy at the moment, especially on the internet, and in my opinion you have to literally and consciously remove yourself from the loop at times to remember all the positive and amazing things happening every day,” explains Daniel Goldstein. “‘Brightest Lights’ is about focusing on that positivity in the world.”

The title is taken from the first single, out today, in collaboration with Channy Leanagh from Poliça. Having also contributed to the lead single (‘No Captain’) on the last Lane 8 album ‘Little By Little’, Channy’s creative alliance with Daniel has evolved into a deeper partnership, with a week of sessions producing two further collaborations on this album in ‘Shooting Arrows’ and ‘The Rope’. Loaded with beautiful songs, the album also features two collaborations with UK based Arctic Lake in ‘Road’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Go’, as well as Jens Kuross , Nevve and Kauf. Lead and anchored by a series of distinctive and inimitable instrumental tracks, standouts include the quirky intro ‘Groundhog Day’, joyous synth epic ‘Sunday Song’ and peaktime progressive techno banger ‘The Gift’



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