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Je Est Un Autre

  • Witajcie w świecie Toriego Kudo, samouka (lub gitarzysty „naiwnego”), free-folkowego Świadka Jehowy i totalnego outsidera. Jego upor w budowaniu odrębnego świata można tylko porównać do Sun Ra

Je Est Un Autre
Label: Okraïna
Nr kat.: OKRAïNA#15
Format: 2x10"
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  • 01 Caesalpinia Sappan Trees Which Are Blooming In Red, White & Pink (9-3-2018).mp3
  • 02 13-3-2018.mp3
  • 03 Ethitad Air (13-3-2018).mp3
  • 04 Bottom Of Spring Bottle (13-3-2018).mp3
  • 15 Wiping Gesture (27-2-2017).mp3
  • 18 The Haze Is Waiting For The Arrival Of Obsessive (30-4-2017).mp3
  • 20 6-5-2017 (#2).mp3
  • 25 That Can Be Seen From The Third Floor Of My Parking Lot Where I Am Drinking Canned Beer, Are Walking Towards Me (9-5-2017).mp3
  • 30 Cold Morning In June (13-6-2017).mp3
  • 35 16-7-2017.mp3
  • 41 17-9-2017.mp3
  • 45 Jaki (23-1-2017).mp3
  • 50 McCloud (2007).mp3


Witajcie w świecie Toriego Kudo, samouka (lub gitarzysty „naiwnego”), free-folkowego Świadka Jehowy i totalnego outsidera. Jego konsekwencję w budowaniu odrębnego świata można chyba tylko porównać do Sun Ra.


“This recording is not a "best of", it is a reflection of Tori Kudo's evolution as a composer, from playing with seasoned musicians, to playing with people just starting out, from playing with meticulous scores, to playing call & response melodies written down, to the songs here on "Je est un Autre": instant improvisations based on keyboard compositions that Tori plays for the group. Yes, that is it. He plays a recording of himself on the keyboard, with singing or humming sometimes and he leaves it to the "big band" to interpret this on the spot. Sometimes, you can make out the melody, other times it is quite obscure, as if a sort of common shyness flows out of the collected instrumentarium.

And other times, well, it is a big party.

Mr Kudo and the group were invited to tour Europe to celebrate 20 years of the project Le Ton Mité, members of which are absorbed into the ensemble. The recording evolves from the static sound of hermetic conditions to the live concert in the later tracks. The studio here, is a trendy concert hall in Brussels Les Ateliers Claus. You hear the applause of the brave ears that weathered the ride of accidental psychedelia & moiré of various notes fading into and out of each other. This is only a sliver of the material from the 20 hour recording marathon documenting the new composing/playing style of Mr Kudo & snippets from the last concert of the March 2018 tour. Perhaps the album should be called "Je est un autre : Volume 1" in a vague reference to "My Brother The Wind" series from Sun Ra. In any case, here you have four sides of ten inch vinyl to take you on a journey into Maher: Je est un autre…”



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