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  • 01 House Gospel Choir & Todd Terry - My Zulu.mp3
  • 02 Hallelujah Anyway.mp3
  • 03 Blind Faith.mp3
  • 04 Latch.mp3
  • 05 Salvation (acoustic).mp3
  • 06 House Gospel Choir & Adelphi Music Factory - Salvation.mp3
  • 07 Gypsy Woman (Place To Stay).mp3
  • 08 House Gospel Choir & Todd Terry - Everything Is Love.mp3
  • 09 I Don't Know What You Come To Do (feat Daniel Thomas).mp3
  • 10 Gabriel.mp3
  • 11 No Defeat (feat Becca Foulkes).mp3
  • 12 Most Precious Love.mp3
  • 13 Battle.mp3



The late great Frankie Knuckles once called house music: “church for people that have fallen from grace.” Anyone who has been caught up in the rapture of a true house classic can testify to its power to unify and uplift.

HGC is an electrifying House meets Gospel experience that never fails to get audiences clapping, dancing and singing along. HGC shows bring together a group of outstanding singers, a full house band and DJ, creating an effortless live fusion of the biggest house and gospel tunes that never fail to raise the roof!

House Gospel Choir’s magic is their ear for production, thanks to the songwriters, producers, vocal arrangers and selectors who make up the collective. The choir have been bubbling away in studios across London, working with a roll call of iconic dance music producers, from global house icons Todd Terry, DJ Spen, Grammy Award winner Alex Metric, to Toddla T and UK gospel icon Nicky Brown. Their monthly public Mass Choir open rehearsal, at Rich Mix in East London, has featured guest appearances from house and techno icon The Black Madonna, and electro pop singer Georgia.

The current House Gospel Choir has grown to over 150 members of all religions and backgrounds. They take us to church, literally and metaphorically and remind us, whatever spiritual inclination we may have, of the sonic swells in our ribcage that truly great harmonies can inspire.

We Are One has become the choirs mantra, Founder & Creative Director Natalie Maddix explains “We can’t all speak at the same time and have our voices heard, but we can sing together as one voice and be understood”.

“The choir have a really unique energy. Beyond the uplifting vibes of Gospel Music…they’re like family” Annie Mac

“I’m so crazy about them” – THE BLACK MADONNA



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