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The Niteworks EP

The Niteworks EP
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Format: 12"
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Mint Condition would like to dedicate this release to the life of Andy Panayi, who sadly passed away on 28th September 2020, and all profits will be donated to the Peace Hospice in Watford, UK, who took great care of Andy towards the end of his life.

Although better known for his artistic output as Stopouts and A², back in 1997 Andy and Alec Stone turned their creative skills to the emergent UK Garage scene, producing this wonderful 4 track EP of fierce garage jams under the alias Upside, a one-off, originally released on seminal UKG label Underground Classics.

'Disco Killer' opens proceedings with melodic chords before a super thick b-line rolls in to overlay those essential skipping snares and swinging percussion. As the track unfolds, mesmeric synth riffs and deep chords bring the positive energy, vibes and an atmosphere like no other. 'Vibrations' is a deeper and much more melodious affair, featuring a warm bubbling b-line, haunting piano riff, intricate classic garage keys and melancholic pads that overlay a deftly programmed breakbeat and 4/4 drum workout that delivers the funk, depth and soul. 'House It Up' brings the NYC muscle, a proper heads down bumpin' affair. There's heavy kicks and an acidic bass that builds superbly before flipping into a warm cavernous sub. Positive pads and a clipped scat vocal create a fantastic late night garage house slammer. Lastly 'Nervous Dance' picks up the pace and thump, there's more acidic overtones, a hypnotic low slung bass, luscious strings, razor sharp hi hats and gritty percussion as it hustles and bustles it's way to the middle of the dance floor.

This is an essential piece of '90s UK Garage that we hope celebrates Andy's unique talent, musical vision, energy and dedication. 'Niteworks' has been legitimately re-released with the full involvement of Andy & Alec, also thanks to Rob and all at An Alien Recordings for helping bring this release into fruition. All the tracks have been lovingly remastered by London's Curve Pusher from the original sources ...



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