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Casiopepe EP

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Casiopepe EP
Label: Dom Trojga
Nr kat.: DT004
Format: 12"
Kraj: PL
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  • A1 Wisconsin Mozzarella.mp3
  • B1 Acid e Pepe.mp3
  • B2 Postcard.mp3



The time has come for us to present you with what is probably our most anticipated record to date. Bearing the catalogue number DT004, Casiopepe EP was originally set for release in the Summer of 2020, but got swept away by the pandemic whirlwind of production issues and broken dreams. We couldn’t simply let this one slide into oblivion, however, and so finally here it is, every sound teeming with hope and joy.

Casiopepe is the lovechild of two experienced producers and good friends working between Warsaw and Berlin. Together, they create addictive, masterful and unmistakably Euro-leaning dance tunes, as is evidenced on their eponymous release, where echoes of trance, acid, and continental disco are moulded together – with a touch of nostalgia, but with a decidedly modern execution. Big snares and big breakdowns that melt hearts and spark real jubilation – what more could you want from a dance music record?

The cover art – an exemplary exercise in typography – is the work of Artur Oleś (aka Chino).

Dom Trojga – the sound of falling in love.


About the label:

Founded in 2019 and run by PL underground stalwart Eltron, Dom Trojga is a record label dedicated to a story about what can happen in the basements around here where people gather to dance together. Do not expect anything less than quirky, multi-faceted gems, combining strains of t*****, h****, d****, t***** and e******. Amazing artists draw the covers, too. You are welcome.






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