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Mind Reader

Mind Reader
Label: Wolf Music
Nr kat.: WOLFEP059
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Ain't Got Everything.mp3
  • a2 Mind Readers.mp3
  • b1 Ain't Got Everything (Jenifa Mayanja remix).mp3
  • b2 2nd Time Around.mp3


After a flawless debut on the label in 2018, Montreal’s Gene Tellem returns to WOLF Music with four, deep, lights-dialled-low, atmospheric voyages for those that like to get down.

‘Ain’t Got Everything’ opens - a late-night cruiser, with the kind of bass whose groove you'll get lost in and never want to end. Soulful, echoed out vocal samples add to the mesh of synths, arps and electronic rumblings that wrap you up from the off.

Staying on that mesmerising tip, ‘Mind Readers’ is a slice of heads-down Detroit business. A tougher cut of skipping percussion, buzzing subs and glitched up vocal madness from deep within the mind of Tellem.

Flip it over and Connecticut-based, Bu-Mako Recordings head honcho, Jenifa Mayanja works her magic on ‘Ain’t Got Everything’. Weaving in hypnotic arps and pulsating analogue textures that give way to a blissful piano breakdown, it's a grittier, heavyweight remix that still manages to maintain the ethereal tinge of the original.

Buckling up and closing it out, ‘2nd Time Around’ hits with over-driven sonics and magnetising synth melodies for this certified brain dancer.

The Motor City via Montreal, tied up with a quality we’ve come to expect from Gene Tellem.



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