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Label: Tectonic
Nr kat.: TEC113
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Wh-t.mp3
  • a2 Wh-t (Pinch remix).mp3
  • b1 XoXp0rt (with J Manuel).mp3
  • b2 XoXp0rt (Cocktail Party Effect remix).mp3


Dance music during lockdown? Wh?t’s the point?
Don’t lose faith.. We will be back dancing together and when we do, you will want to hear this EP blasted out on a massive sound system, in good company. Berlin-based Aaron and Felix, aka Fjaak, have found themselves on a rapid uphill trajectory this last few years, tearing up the techno scene with their broken rhythms and massive floor fillers. With ‘WH?T EP’ we take things back underground, keeping in check with a darkside-son- ic familiar to Tectonic.
Lead track ‘WH?T’ is a brutal dancefloor track, weighted by a thundering distorted bass and skittering broken breakbeats and meticulous drum programming. Title based sample “Whaaaaaaaaaaaat” chimes in now and then to remind you what you’re listening to.
Label boss Pinch is first up on remix duties, taking the ‘WH?T’ original and deeply upsetting it. Hard bang with some 4/4 bits and loads of distortion.
We flip then for a rare collaboration between Fjaak and Felix’s brother J. Manuel (originally a founding mem- ber of Fjaak and brother of Felix), taking things into scribbly-acid territory, while keeping the mood low-slung and rolling. Dangerous beat manipulator Eric Baldwin aka Cocktail Party Effect finishes up the plate with a synapse-sizzling version backed by heavy drum programming and ankle hugging subs.



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